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Ground planning is very important. You need to know what kind of erosion control needs to be installed, what kind of plants to be planted, whether shade or sunshine, and the individual needs of the customer.

Below are pictures of a landscape on a new construction. We started out with just the bare earth and installed landscape, a retaining wall, a stone patio with a pond, a pergola over the patio, dry creeks to handle erosion situations, and sod.

Here is a front view of the house. You can see the retaining wall and the beautiful and healthy sod.

This is a close up view of the dry stacked retaining wall.

Here is a side view of the front bedspace, note the dry creek to handle the downspout from the gutters.

Here is the left side of the house, also you can note the beautiful stone in the dry creek to handle another down spout.

This the landscape down the side of the driveway.

This is a beautiful way to handle those unsightly drainage ditches with some lovely stone and landscape. We use hardwood mulch which will stay put.

The patio is laid with stone pavers, and in front of the pergola is bedspace for some wisteria vines that will eventually grow up and over the pergola.  Over in the corner, you can see the the beginning of the pond.

The pond that is built into the patio, has a waterfall so that the homeowners can enjoy the soothing sounds of running water.