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We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama with an A+  Rating.

We are a member of the Huntsville/Madison Builders Association.

Below is a landscape featuring the use of the art of concrete artisan. The patio, walkway, retaining walls, and even the fire pit are all made out of concrete, which is then carved, texture, and colored to look like real stone.

Here is a picture of the featured landscape. Note the retaining walls, walkway, patio, even the firepit (which looks like a tree trunk).

Below are some pictures of some more jobs utilizing concrete, carved into stone.

This is a pondless water feature. A beautiful enhancement to anyone's backyard.

A closeup of the waterfall.

An outdoor kitchen designed out of concrete panels, colored to look like stone. And a concrete countertop.
The patio is also concrete carved, textured, and colored to look like stone.

Here is a close up view of the patio.

Another beautiful water feature with lighting installed.

Here is a water feature that was built into a rock bluff. The concrete panels were textured and colored to match the surrounding rock. The customers had a bluff in their backyard and wanted to incorporate waterfalls so that they would have the soothing sounds of a beautiful waterfall from their back patio.

A pondless water fall with lighting installed.

Here is the same pond above in the day time.

A close look at the water fall.

We had a project for Radio Talk Show Host, Toni Lowery, with AM radio station, WHBP.  Mike was working on her yard and  doing live interviews on the morning talk show. Below are some pictures of the "Clean-up".  Below the clean-up pictures are some pictures of the finished product.

Here you can see the weed barrier that has to be pulled up and cleaned out.

As you can see there is a lot of trimming that has been done to clean out the area.

Here is just one of the 3 huge piles of the weed barrier that has been pulled out of her bedspace.

This is a "before" shot of some of hr bedspace.

This is a view of the front of her house during the cleanup.

And finally, the finished product!                                         A good landscape can totally change the look of the house.

Here is a view of the side of her house.

A dry creek used at a down spout from the gutter to protect the landscape and mulch from water erosion.

Another dry creek.

This is a close-up view of the natural cut edges to the landscape.  A natual cut edge is a very beautiful and classic looking edge that is very easy to maintain.

Another angle of the front of her house.                                   No weed barrier was used in installing the new landscape. A pre-emergent is used to hinder the sprouting of weeds. If properly maintianed, the landscape can remain free of weeds for a long time.

This is the same house above, just 3 years later.

The view from the street, 3 years after the new landscape was installed.

Below are some pictures of the surrounding bedspaces after they re remulched and new fresh edges cut.