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The next few pictures are from a job that Mike helped with down in New Orleans.
Here you can see a bridge constructed to join the backyard to the island that was built. The bridge is solid concrete, built with no forms. A large Koi pond surrounds the island, and on one end is a massive waterfall that was constructed out of concrete panels. On the island is a firepit constructed out of concrete to look like a tree trunk.

Here is the massive water fall. Just beautiful! Hard to believe that these are not real boulders, but panels put together to look like huge boulders.

Here is a picture of the fire pit that is on the island. The tree trunk fire pit, even has a root going down into the pond on the other side.

Below are some pictures of some retaining walls using the monolithic concrete.

The details, for example the color of the stone, is completely customized by the client.

Another beautiful example of a retaining wall.

Here is a water feature built into the retaining wall, and steps to go up to the area above.

Here is an excellent example of how we can build different "layers" of retaining walls.
Note, the little bridge crossing over the dry creek....is concrete, built with no forms, carved and colored to look like wood.

The retaining wall does not have to be very high, here is a short one, just edging the patio.

Here is another outdoor kitchen, built from the panels, with a concrete countertop to look like slate.

Here a wall was incorporated into the outdoor kitchen for some privacy.

Here is an example of one of the many ponds that Mike has designed.  He replaced railroad ties with stone for the wall making it more appealing to the eye.

This is a 18,000 gallon  pond that has a waterfall and creek flowing into it. The pond is two levels.

This stone patio demonstrates how the waterfall and pond can be incorporated into the surface of the patio.  You can hear the relaxing sounds of the waterfall while sitting on the patio or the deck beside it.

This pond was installed next to the walkway to the front door allowing guests to hear the tranquil sounds of water as they approached the entrance to the home.

This Koi pond was built with 3 waterfalls, along some stone steps and a bridge connecting to the deck and fire pit.

The above pond with the lights on.