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The following pictures are of a continuing project. The client's house is at the foot of a mountain, so the yard is not level. He was having tremendous erosion problems due to the rainfall coming off the mountain. When we started, most of the area was all natural. Mike brought in 120 tons of stone to help direct the water and keep dirt from washing away.

This is what it looked like when we started. There was quite a bit of clearing out that had to be done, before we could even get started.

Another view of before.

A view from the other side...

The results after all stone for drainage, mulch, and many beautiful plants.

Another view...                  Mike uses specimen stones as an ascent in the landscape.

Lots of stone...

More stone, mulch, and shade loving plants to compliment the natural surroundings.

A much more tranquil and "clean" look to the landscape now.

Below are some pictures of the same landscape 2 years later, and with some new additions....the arched planter box.

All the rock, necessary to handle the water runoff coming down the side of the mountain, during heavy downpours.

The planter box 10 feet high. The planter has trailing jasmine, hummingbird vine, and hanging pots. Each hanging pot gets watered from drainage from the planter box..

Another view of the planter box.  Mike likes to install the unusual, and this was a first for him.