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Concrete Artisan Work

Following are some pictures of some of  Mike's latest jobs using the artistry of carving concrete to look like stone.

This customer was not happy with the plain concrete pool deck. So Mike went on top of the existing concrete, carved, textured and colored to look like beautiful flagstone

The customer had a spa that has a waterfall spilling over into the pool. The tile and concrete were cracking, and Mike made it beautiful again by covering, carving, texturing, and coloring to look like stone.

Another view of the spa.

The bull nose around the pool was chipping and cracking. Mike removed the old bullnose and replaced it with carved concrete.

Here is an example of the art of carving, texturing, and coloring concrete; and  using it to build a retaining wall and patio.

Mike recently went to training to learn how to build waterfalls out of concrete panels. Here is the waterfall that they built. These "boulders" are hollow shells that were built in 3 days. Yet the composite that the panels for the boulders are made of are 12,000 PSI.

Below are some other recent projects from Artscapes.

This customer was not completely happy with her "builder installed" landscape and Mike went in and upgraded it. We installed the brick edging, dry creeks for the downspouts, new plantings and rearranging the old plants, and a fresh coat of mulch.

Another view of the new landscape.

Here the addition of a deck with a pergola beside the pool was what the customer requested, and the wooden fence.

Here you can see the water feature and the fire pit for the customers enjoyment.

Some plantings and landscape for privacy.

Some landscape with beautifl plantings and a dry creek to divert the rain water.

More beautiful plantings with a handmade stone bench to accent.

For this customer, Mike built a stone patio, a stone sidewalk leading to his garage, a pergola over the stone patio, a pond, and landscaped the backyard.

The stone sidewalk leading to the garage. And Mike built a little stone pad for the gas grill to sit on.

The client later decided that he wanted an "outdoor" kitchen. So Mike framed his new gas grill with stone, making an opening with storage shelves, a place to insert a refrigerator, and a stone bar area.

Here is a front view, the opening is for the refrigerator.

Here is a close up view of the stone bar (Mike found one large beautiful piece of stone to use for the bar). And there is plenty of room on the other side for a couple of bar stools.

Mike built a small stone bench beside the double waterfall pond, and the landscape around it.

Just another view of the pergola and stone patio. Note the stone base for the pillars to anchor the posts of the pergola.

The deck was incorporated into the L shape of the house, with a stone patio around it.

Another view showing the patio/walkway going to the backdoor.

... and another view.

A bamboo fence was put around a deck and stone patio with a water feature in the center of this locally owned restaurant.

A better view displaying the beautiful stone used in the patio.

Another view showing the two levels of the new outdoor eating area.