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Below are some pictures of where the customer had a lot of space that they wanted to make beautiful, enticing, relaxing, and easy to maintain. This job included many different projects: flagstone sidewalk, firepit, bed space, water feature, and pergola.

Here a large area was covered in pea gravel, so no mowing. the stone sidewalk installed circles around a fire pit with two handmade stone benches, and accent boulders scattered throughout.

Further down, some bedspace designed allowed a contrast of mulch and plantings.

A view from the fire pit toward the house, shows the beautiful flagstone sidewalk. and the bed space.

A pergola, attached to the house was build over their pre-exiting concrete patio.

A view of the front, the island with giant accent boulder, surrounded with shredded hardwood mulch, and dry creek to allow for drainage.

Bedspace here includes a water feature.

The waterfalls enable the customer to hear the relaxing sounds of the pond, and the lighting system installed is beautiful at night.

The front landscape, notice the plantings have room to grow allowing a beautiful landscape in years to come.

A closeup view of the front landscape that was installed.

Another view of the front of the lovely home .

This former customer contacted Mike to cover her front porch and steps with stone, to build planter boxes on each side, and to cover her sidewalk with stone.

A closeup view of the beautiful natural stone.

The stone-covered sidewalk leading from the front porch to the driveway.

Below are some pictures of a recent job that we had to pull out the old plants that had become over grown and we recontoured the landscape and put in fresh new plants.

We recontoured the bedspace to bring the eye to the focal plants.

Small pieces of flagstone line the bedspace to help direct water runoff going down the driveway, leaving the hardwood mulch in place.

A dry creek was installed to handle the water from the down spout.

Another dry creek installed at a down spout.

The plantings are not crowded into the space to allow for years of growth.