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Below are some pictures of another job that was to handle some erosion problems, and to put in a stone patio and a pet-friendly bedspace.

This customer wanted a natural landscape and to keep her trees by her house.

There are two small retaining walls on either side of the stone walkway.

The dry creek to handle the erosion problem from water coming off the house.

She also wanted some landscape installed along her back privacy fence.

A dry creek was put in along the back fence to handle a erosion problem.

Below are some pictures from a customer that wanted his driveway extended using pavers and a stone patio put in uder his deck.

Here is the extention made off the driveway out of pavers.

Here is the stone patio that was put in under his deck.

Here a large stone was put in for a ramp so the customer could easily get his lawnmower out which was in a storage area behind the table and chairs.

Here is a close-up view of the wall holding up the patio. It is mortored, but with a dry stack look.

Another view of the patio. The stone patio extends over to the right to accomodate the steps coming down from the deck.